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My 20 Favorite Vocaloids by GreenwavesInactive My 20 Favorite Vocaloids by GreenwavesInactive
EDIT: I forgot to credit the models. .__. The credits have been added to the bottom.

Edited from this meme: (I just needed a template to fill out so, eh. =w= )

So I did these pictures awhile ago out of boredom. Then, a few days ago, I finally put them on a I'm deciding to upload it 'cuz why the heck not? And yes, I know that some of these are Utaus or don't have their own voices. I don't care. I judged this on how much attention I gave to a specific Vocaloid related "character" or design and went from there. This is just for me and entirely based on what I like and am interested in. (And no, this is definitely not ranked by my favorite voice. If it were, either IA or Ritsu would be #1.)

1. Kagamine Rin & Len

I suppose technically, I could say that Len is my absolute favorite Vocaloid, but it seemed appropriate to put them together (especially since Rin would've just been #1.5 or something anyway.) They were actually my favorites from day 1 and have remained so until now. I was introduced to Vocaloid by some friends of mine and after listening to a few of Miku's songs I went "eh." These friends refused to let up, though, and they insisted that I listen to the songs titled Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil. I listened to Daughter of Evil and still went "eh," but after listening to Servant of Evil I was a sobbing mess. Servant of Evil is actually still one of my favorite Vocaloid songs (right after Rolling Girl) even if I don't listen to it as often as I used to. It frequently gives me goosebumps. However, it's not just those two songs that make me love them so much. Songs such as Prisoner/Paper Plane, Soleil, the Synchronicity Trilogy, Gekokujou, Tsumugi Uta, Karakuri 卍 Burst, Children's War, Tokyo Teddy Bear, and anything redone by 96Neko (I could go on forever...) have kept these two at the top of my list and trust me, they're not going anywhere.

2. Yowane Haku

So, the exact same day that I had cried my eyes out over Servant of Evil, those friends of mine decided to show me the song Daughter of White. Not only did I absolutely love Haku's design and name, but I also found that the song really reminded me of one of the friends showing me the song (with me being Miku and her being Haku.) From there, I came to really like Haku. Awhile later I learned about how Haku came into existence and, believe it or not, I actually liked her more. To me, the fact that she was created
to represent a failed Miku made the song Daughter of White even more awesome to me, and shortly after I became obsessed with people's fanmade voicebanks of her (which were just edits of Miku's voicebank) and the music they made with her. (Her cover made this way of Love is War has got to be my favorite version of the song.) I've heard that her popularity has put her up for consideration of getting her own voice finally, and when I heard this I about died squealing and rolling around on my brother's bed (poor guy.) Haku being able to finally sing on her own without relying on Miku would be the most awesome thing in the world to me. ;w;

3. SF-A2 Miki

I can't decide if my love for Miki comes from her awesome design (she's a freakin' android!) or from the song "iNSaNiTY" written by CircusP (which is one of my favorite songs.) Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter because I really think Miki is awesome. Actually, it may have a lot to do with CircusP's use of her since he's done a lot of my favorite Vocaloid songs and I pretty much only listen to Miki's songs that he wrote...Or maybe it's that giant ahoge of hers. :shrug: Dunno. Either way, there definitely need to be more MMD models of her in this outfit.

4. Utatane Piko

Okay, yeah, I'll admit it. I like cute boys. Is there a problem with that? Anyway, yeah. I fell in love with Piko pretty much the moment I saw him. He was adorable, I thought his clothes were super cool, and he had a USB tail. A freaking USB tail! XD For some reason I thought that was so cool. Then I heard his voice...s. I mean, wow. Dat vocal range. He can sound like a cute little boy one minute, and then drop to this sexy sounding man's voice another. I think I actually enjoy just listening to his voice in songs more than I like delving into the lyrics. For that reason most of the songs I listen to him singing are covers of other Vocaloid's songs anyway. =w=


Kaito be sexy. o3o I find his design to be very attractive and I very much like his voice. Since I really like high voices, I particularly love his song Pane Dhiria, but I also love how he sounds in Judgment of Corruption and his version of Dear You. Not only that, but when this guy dances it is about the sexiest thing on the planet! There's never a moment that I don't love listening to or watching Kaito. =w= Well...unless his V3 voice tries to cover his old songs. Yeah, that demo version of Pane Dhiria was awful.

6. IA

The first Vocaloid to make in on this list solely for her voice. =w= Oh, that's not to say that I don't like her design, and there are quite a few songs of hers I enjoy for the lyrics (like World Calling). Still, though, she's probably my favorite voice out of the Vocaloids. She just sounds so human to me, and I really love it when people use this effect to make her actually breathe between words in her songs. It's awesome! I just adore anything sung by IA. I don't think she's ever disappointed me in a single cover of hers or song she's done.

7. Hatsune Miku

For all that she is the most iconic Vocaloid out there, I can't really say I'm a fan of Miku's voice. It always sounds so squeaky and electronic to me. I can't even say that I'm a fan of most of her songs, since almost everything she's sung I prefer covered by someone else. I'll admit it, the only reason she made it above Luka on this list is that my favorite song is Rolling Girl...and I actually prefer Miku's version of that more than anyone else's. Rolling Girl just left such an impact on me in every way that it made Miku one of my favorites for...ever, really. It's just amazing.

8. Megurine Luka

Another decision affected greatly by CircusP's use of her. I really love Luka's voice (even if I like IA's a bit more) and the fact that she could always do English as well. Almost all my favorite quick emotional pick-me-ups in Vocaloid are originally by Luka (Last Song, Circus Monster, Lie, etc.) She's just got some very beautiful songs (music-wise) and she's one I listen to when I just want some music in the background.

9. Namine Ritsu

I love Ritsu's design. The skirt, the hair, and the keyboard are all just freaking awesome. I also love Ritsu's voice. It's the only one to rival IA's, in my opinion. However, if it weren't for Ritsu's amazing cover of Jitter Doll (which is one of the best songs to ever come out of humanity), he would creep me out way too much to make this list. I mean, really?! How is that supposed to be a six-year-old boy?! Still, though, Jitter Doll is the kind of song that can make me excuse...anything. Literally, anything at all can be excused if you just sing Jitter Doll really well.


Really? Oliver made it this high on my list? Huh. Well, Oliver's by far my favorite English Vocaloid, for his voice, his design, and his songs. Most of his songs are delightfully creepy, and he's really cute to boot. I can't really explain why I love him so much, just know that if everything about him weren't exactly as it is, he probably wouldn't be on the list. Just something about him works very well for me. =w=

11. VY2 Yuuma

Did you know that Yuma doesn't actually have a human design? They just put a katana as his box art. Yuuma is a singing katana! :iconflipoutplz: In all seriousness, though, his voice is almost as sexy as Kaito's, and this fan design of his is probably slightly moreso. (Making pink hair manly is awesome!) The only reasons he's this low is because, well, that is a fan design, I haven't really listened to many of his original songs, and I only started listening to him recently.

12. Nekomura Iroha

You couldn't expect the Hello Kitty Vocaloid to stay off this list, could you? Mostly, I really like her design. XD I mean, the girl's got all this Hello Kitty junk and then these giant speakers for hands. What the heck?! But still, I do like her voice and I should listen to more of her songs.

13. Lyo Tianyi

Unlike the others on this list, Luo Tianyi actually has a set personality and backstory. o3o They don't interest me much, since they're just there to tie her into the world of Vocaloid, and I can't say I'm the biggest fan of her voice, but her design is awesome and she's the first Chinese Vocaloid, so that counts for enough. Besides, there's this one cover by her of Blue by Eiffel 65 that I find really adorable.

14. Kasane Teto

Until recently, I'd only listened to covers of Teto's, and while I found her backstory of being an April Fool's day joke hilarious, her voice was too weird for me to love her that much. I've started listening to songs originally written for her lately, though, and some of them are very good, so for that she's moving up my list slowly. Also, um...there's this awesome Project Diva PV for her featuring Haku and Neru of the song Jitter Doll...and it was very awesome...shut up, I judge how I want! =w=

15. Kamui Gakupo

I can't say I'm a giant fan of Gakupo's voice. It tends to sound...kinda gay to me. Like, not in a bad way! I obviously have nothing against gays, that's just the best word I can think of to describe it. It sounds both manly and not manly at the same time, and it's just kind of weird. Still, though, I think he's done great in any song with him and Kaito (such as any of the VanaN'Ice songs) and I think his design is very cool looking. I'm also a huge fan of the song Dancing Samurai, just because of how hilarious the whole thing is. XD

16. Akita Neru

Actually, Neru used to be much higher on this list. She was said to represent the "tsundere" personality for Vocaloid, and I love tsunderes. She's also very similar in existence to Haku, so she used to be right next to Haku. However, after learning the backstory to her creation, I've slowly started to lose interest in her. Also, her design is such an obvious and blatant copy of Miku that it isn't even funny. I can kind of excuse it considering what her character is supposed to be, but I'll admit that my main reason for still liking her is her interestingly...diabolical role in the Evillous Chronicles. She does have this version of Meltdown I really like, though, and I don't usually like that song at all so that's impressive.

17. Lily

I'll be honest, I don't like Lily's voice. It just doesn't stand out to me in any way. I also don't like her design, aside from her hair. She seems too fanservicey. Also, my introduction to her was awful. Basically, it was a voice demo of her being a not very kind word. The only reason she's as high as she is...and even on the list at all, is because, you guessed it, she was the original singer for Jitter Doll. Jitter Doll excuses anything, even sucking, so there you go.

18. Aoki Lapis

Wow...Lapis is most definitely going to be higher on this list very soon. I love her design, I love her cute, echoy voice, and the one song of hers that I've heard I just loved. Literally the only reason she's this low on the list is because I just discovered her, like, right as I was making this list. Seriously. Had I found her sooner and had the opportunity to listen to more of her songs, she'd probably be higher.

19. Kaai Yuki

I love Yuki. o3o I honestly do. She sounds amazing for having an elementary school student as a voice provider, and she is very cute. However, she only has two songs I ever listen to by her (The Rugrats Theory and Forgotten Girl) and I don't even listen to them that often. Really, I love her a lot, I just don't obsess over her enough to justify putting her higher on this list. I just enjoy listening to two of her songs whenever they pop up on my ipod and that's about it. Poor girl. v.v


MEIKO! :noes: I'm so sorry! I put you under Lily! Why did I do that? Well...actually it's because I pay no attention to Meiko at all. Literally the only time I listen to her is the song Tsugai Kogarashi, which I mostly listen to for Kaito anyway. I don't care for covers by her at all, and I haven't found an original song for her that I've liked that much (except Tsugai Kogarashi.) There's nothing I dislike
about Meiko. In fact, I think her voice is pretty decent, even if it's a bit tinny. I also have to respect the fact that she and Kaito brought Vocaloid into existence in Japan in the first place, so there's that. She's just at the bottom because of how little attention I actually give her.


Rin & Len models (c) teihen
Haku and SF-A2 Miki models (c) Kio
TDA Piko model (c) tobiiiias
Kaito model (c) Mamama7028

IA model (c) Mqdl
Miku model (c) chuivocaloid and Hanaminasho
Luka model (c) lilliiie, Hanaminasho, MeiHikary, kira33kira, Sateraido, and Il0veNaughtyfins
Ritsu model (c) Ginjishi
OLIVER model (c) chibideko
VY2 Yuuma model (c) oOIchibiOo
Iroha model (c) Isao
TDA Tianyi model (c) khadeziah18
Teto model (c) Nanami
Gakupo model (c) YamiSweet
Neru model (c) vk
Lily model (c) Yaita
Lapis model (c) Saboten
Yuki model (c) Nakao
Meiko model (c) nerudrum
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