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My Top 10 Favorite Anime Couples by GreenwavesInactive My Top 10 Favorite Anime Couples by GreenwavesInactive
Not including Hetalia. That's going to be it's own thing. And I limited it to only anime because...geez, I wouldn't be able to sort this thing if I included anything else. I mean, how can I compare, say, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle from Once Upon a Time, The Joker and Harley from Batman TAS, Wesley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride, Beatrice and Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing, and then Nagisa and Tomoya from Clannad all in one meme? It can't be done, I say! So here's this anime only version of my favorite couples (excluding Hetalia.)

Also, please note that these are not all canon or official couples.

1. Okazaki Tomoya and Furukawa Nagisa from Clannad/Clannad: After Story

Wow, that was long. Anyway...what can I say about these two? I went into this anime as a romance obsessed, overly emotional anime lover who wanted a real emotional pick-me up. Then I got to watch these two meet, become friends, help out so many of their classmates, achieve Nagisa's dream, fall in love, start dating, emotionally support each other in when they were at their lowest points, get married, and then have the most adorable little girl any artist has ever conceived.

Not to mention that this show ripped my heart from my chest on numerous occasions.

I've heard some people complain about how weak Nagisa is as character and...that kind of makes me mad. She's physically weak, yes, but she's sick. That's not her fault. Emotionally, she's very strong. Crying doesn't make you weak. Putting other's needs before your own isn't weak. Striving to achieve a dream that was snatched from you by situations beyond your control isn't weak. Almost letting that dream go because you realized that one of your parents had to give up the same dream in order to take care of you isn't weak. Tackling a man who's having an emotional breakdown and beating himself against the wall and bringing him back under control with nothing but a stern look is not freaking weak! Nagisa was an amazing young woman and it's no wonder that she was able to raise Tomoya back onto his feet again. The way these two came together was absolutely perfect, and as I came to know them throughout the course of the series, I fell in love with them just as much as they did with each other.

2. (Li) Syaoran and (Kinomoto) Princess Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Daaaaang...I swear, they won't all be like that.

Okay, just so you guys know...I'm a hopeless romantic. Something I've noticed that the Japanese incorporate in their animations a lot is that love can overcome any boundary or obstacle, and I absolutely love that concept.

But this couple takes the cake. First off, they are a couple in two entirely separate realities that have little to nothing to do with each other. That means we get to watch them fall in love with one another in two entirely different worlds where the circumstances are nothing alike. Second, both versions are just wonderful. The first is a story of two little kids falling in love for the first time. It's just how you'd expect it to be. They fight and pick on each other, and Syaoran just loves to torment Sakura to no end. However, since this is an anime, they're forced into a life or death...I'm sorry, I meant "falling asleep forever" (freaking 4Kids) situation together, and they learn to depend on one another...then Syaoran gives this adorable little boy confession. I mean, no beating around the bush, just "Um...I love you Sakura!" It was adorable. >w<

And then we have Tsubasa...which has my favorite love story concept ever. At the beginning of the story, the two of them are already really close friends who grew up together, and Sakura has decided to confess her love to Syaoran at long last. However, before she can, an ancient force of darkness attacks and scatters Sakura's memories (in the form of feathers) to the far corners of every universe. Without these memories, Sakura will slowly fade away and eventually die. In order to save the girl he loves, Syaoran must make a deal with the Time Witch and travel to various worlds to gather her memories. Unfortunately, there's a price he must pay, and it's the most precious thing in the world to him...Sakura's memories of him. No matter what they do, Syaoran will never recover her memories of him, and should she ever come close to figuring out those memories are even missing, she'll immediately forget what they were talking about.

"But screw that!" says Sakura and Syaoran, as they go on an epic adventure together and fall in love all over again anyway. Take that, eternal cosmos! No matter what you throw at us, you cannot keep us apart! :icondignitylaughplz: The only thing that puts this below Nagisa and Tomoya is the sheer lack of resolution they got at the end. I mean, seriously. It just...stops. After you gave us something this great, how on earth could you do that to us, Tsubasa! ;A; But anyway, I can't deny that I love these two and the power of their love anyway.

3. Suouh Tamaki and Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

I kind of thought things would shorten here...then I remembered the name of the anime. :icononionsighplz:

I can't really explain why I love these two so much. No seriously, I can't. At least not when compared to the two before it. Really, what makes these two so great is how strange their love story really is. They first meet when Haruhi, a poor but very bright girl, get's a scholarship to a school mostly intended for the extremely wealthy and stumbles across Tamaki's Host Club when looking for a place to study. Because of the way she's dressed, they actually mistake her for a boy, and when she knocks over an expensive vase of theirs, they force her to work to repay them. Eventually, the situation leads up to her being talked into joining the Host Club with the promise that when she reaches a certain quota of female requesters, they'll forgive her debt. Then they realize she's a girl...and Tamaki starts falling in love with her. Awkward considering she has to entertain other females until she reaches her quota, and on top of that she has no interest in romance at all.

This setup wouldn't work nearly as well as it did if their characters weren't so awesome as well. At first, Tamaki seems like this shallow, egotistical womanizer who's in love with himself, and you don't think you could ever like him. Actually, he turns out to be very sincere and sweet, and he truly believes that all women are beautiful and deserve to be loved. Since he was raised in France, it's no wonder he took it upon himself to provide that love, and he's made it his job to make every woman in the world happy, no matter what it takes. Since I'm a girl, I find this to be very admirable and adorable. =w= It's not just women, though. If Tamaki sees anyone in trouble, he'll want to rush in and help them even if it's probably not a good idea. Sadly, he's also a huge idiot and very gullible, so this leads to a lot of situations where he gets himself into trouble. Then there's his love for was so hilarious to see this ultra-confident womanizer be reduced to a blushing mess by this gender-confused feminist. XD It doesn't help that he has absolutely no clue that what he feels for her is love. He just knows that he really cares about her and is very protective of her. He's still a giant sweetheart, though, and she really does mean more to him than anything else.

As for Haruhi...she couldn't be any more different from Tamaki. She's down to earth, level headed, incredibly smart and logical, and has no interest in romance at all. She's really only there because of her debt. However, before long, she gets sucked into the crazy world of the Host Club by it's insane members...and in particular, Tamaki. She learns so many things from him that she couldn't from anyone else, and she comes to view the Host Club as her family, with Tamaki being the crucial center. She does have several misunderstandings with him, and sometimes he's a little too stupid for her to tolerate, but in the end she's forced to make a very important decision, and in the end she goes racing after her man in a horse-drawn carriage like a freaking boss...and then one of my favorite scenes ever happens. It's good to know that the manga continues after that to where they get married and even have children. I like having closure like that.

4. Hinata Hideki and Yui from Angel Beats

*stares at picture* SCENE! Y U MAKE ME CRY ALL THE TIME?! :icony-u-noplz:

Okay, this anime is seriously not without its flaws, but it makes up for it in sheer heart and emotion. To me, the best example is this scene with Hinata and Yui. Up until that point, the two of them were constantly picking on one another in a way that you'd swear was hateful if you didn't look very closely. You could sort of tell that they liked each other, given their reactions to each other's distress in certain situations, but most of the time they seemed content to shout at one another.

And then the time comes for Yui to cross over, and we learn that her greatest dream, to get married, was taken from her because when she was alive...she was completely paralyzed. There was no way a man would want a girl who couldn't cook or clean or even have children. She couldn't do anything for herself, and no man would want a girl like that. That's when Hinata shows up and shouts loudly that no matter what situation they were in, no matter how they met, or what she was like, he would always fall in love with her simply because she was Yui. He told her about how they would live their lives, even with her paralyzed, and how he would always stay by her side to take care of her, and even help relieve her mother's burden. They then get this beautiful montage of scenes from what their lives would have been like had they met while they were alive (which I want to see made into a movie =3= ) and Yui, finally at peace now that her dream of being loved has been realized, crosses over. Even though he never achieves his dream in the show, Hinata is able to go on and help the main character to bring peace to all the others in the show, and in the end is able to cross over knowing that he'll definitely meet Yui again on the other side.

That little bit alone got me so emotionally invested that I cry literally every time I hear their song, and it without a doubt made them one of my favorite couples in all of anime.

5. Fakir and Duck from Princess Tutu


Ahem...I can't explain this one. This delves way too deep into spoiler territory, and I'd rather command all of you to go watch this anime immediately and pay no mind to how lame the title sounds. This is an epic anime with some amazing characters and a bittersweet ending that makes me go "GRAAAAAAAAH" every time. These two characters just have this chemistry that slowly builds and builds to an amazing well as some underwater ballet dancing, which was fun to watch. It's something you have to experience for yourself. I can't explain it for you, just trust me. It's worth the watch. ;w;

(And yes, I called her Duck, not Ahiru. I think it sounds cuter and quirkier than the Japanese version. =3= )

6. Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia and Shirley Fenette from Code Geass

No, I don't support LelouchxKallen or LelouchxCC like everybody else in the world. I love LelouchxShirley. Why, may you ask? Well...I can't tell you because my brother is one of my watchers and he hasn't finished watching the series yet. I'll be sure to add in a full rant about them when he's done. Until then, just know I love them. Ciao! :icontrollfaceplz:

7. Corporal Randel Oland and 2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin from Pumpkin Scissors

Yes, the titles were necessary.


I mean, seriously. Look at that height difference! You guys know I love height differences, and this is just glorious. Not only that, the headstrong and idealistic Alice became one of my favorite female characters in anime within the first few seconds of her first appearance, and Randel is just so adorable at the same time as kicking so much a** that it isn't even funny. It's easy to see why they formed such a strong bond, and seeing how much Randel adores Alice (even seeing her as his emotional salvation when he's having nightmares) is so sweet. I really wanted to be able to see more of them as the anime only barely touched the surface of their building relationship, and having this douche-bag fiancee in the way was something I desperately wanted to see remedied. But alas, it must just not have been popular enough for a second season, and so it was dropped faster than a hot coal and I'm left craving so much more. I'm definitely planning on reading the manga when I get the chance, because I really want to know if they manage to end up together. Don't spoil it if you know the answer! I want to find out for myself, thank you.

8. Kishitani Shinra and Celty Sturluson from Durarara!!

Behold, the only impact that the anime known as Durarara!! was actually able to leave on me. To me, most of the rest of the show was completely forgettable. Oh sure, as most people say, the side characters were all interesting, but they were focused on so little that they couldn't leave much of an impact. The only exceptions were Celty and Shinra. Celty is actually a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan in search of her stolen head. While stowing away, she ran into a young Shinra, who quicky ran to tell his father about the headless woman hiding in the back. As he was a scientist, Shinra's father was absolutely fascinated by her, and asked for permission to dissect her...and as an extra treat let Shinra give it a try, too. Yeah, this guy was messed up in the head.

I don't know what happened to the messed up father, but I do know that Shinra and Celty ended up living together and Shinra fell madly in love with Celty. They have a really awesome relationship and are both really great characters. Celty was this amazingly kind woman with a heart of gold, but also a heavy burden to bear, and Shinra was always there to lift her up when she needed it. Also, the fact that he finds everything about her, including the black mist where her head should be, beautiful is just sweet. He's even able to tell what she's feeling based on her "expressions," and he has no desire or interest in seeing what her face looks like. To him, Celty is perfect as she is, and the follow up story that showed the two of them in this perfect romantic relationship (for them) was one of the best things ever. Everything about them works in the strangest of ways, and therein lies the appeal. I honestly think I would've liked the anime more had they been more of a focus, but I'm happy enough with what I got.

9. L Lawliet and Amane Misa from Death Note/Aoyagi Ritsuka and Hawatari Yuiko from Loveless

I just couldn't choose between the two of them, no matter how hard I tried. These two pairings are my giant "up yours" to every yaoi obsessed fangirl out there. Yes, I'm fully aware of how despised Misa is, and I'm equally aware of the fact that Ritsuka's love interest is in fact a gay pedophile. I'm also fully aware that these pairings are absolutely impossible in their respective universes. It doesn't matter to me, though. I still like them anyway.

For Misa and L...well, for starters I just don't hate Misa. I actually really like her. She proved on multiple occasions that she was a lot smarter than everyone gave her credit for, and she's without a doubt an unbreakable spirit. I totally get why people find her annoying, I just think she has a lot of good points that are really overlooked. My second reason has to do with L's portrayal in the L: Change the World novel. In that book, anything related to Misa Amane is as precious to him as his sweets. Perhaps it was due to his friendship with her and Light, or maybe he really was always a fan of hers, but that combined with the scenes they actually did share together somehow made me want to see them together. I know, it doesn't make much sense, but Death Note is full of strange things and strange people that are only understandable to those who have experienced it. LxMisa is the same way. I can't really explain it to someone, I can only expose people to it and let them make of it what they will. Once you do get it, though, there's really no going back. ;w;

For Ritsuka and Yuiko, I actually have more concrete reasons. Loveless is an anime that takes place in a world where all innocent children have cat ears...because they are virgins. 8D You become an adult in this world when you lose your cat ears and, subsequently, your virginity. The main character of this already really weird show is a boy named Ritsuka, who is constantly emotionally, physically, and sexually abused by almost everyone on the planet and is the part of a fighting duo who takes all the damage in battle for the sick demented minds of the viewers. Oh, and he's in elementary school. His love interest is a gay pedophile named Soubi with the personality of a chalkboard who hates butterflies because they get pinned to boards sometimes. He also lost his cat ears when he was Ritsuka's age. He's also a liar and a manipulator, and frankly, I really don't like him.

This isn't Ritsuka's only possible lover, though. There's also his older brother (who I despise more than any character I've ever seen in anything ever), his therapist (who he sees because he has amnesia, and not because of all the abuse he suffers at home), and a girl named Yuiko.

And God bless you, Yuiko. You are the only person in the freaking anime who wants to unselfishly help Ritsuka through all the suffering he has endured in his life. She's the very first person to show kindness to him since his memory loss and personality change, and she genuinely likes him and wants to be his friend. She even admits at one point that she would willingly die for him, even though she had no way of knowing how likely it could be that he would need just that. After meeting his supposed love interest, Ritsuka becomes even more confused and depressed than before, but Yuiko? She's able to pull him out of his shell, teach him to make friends, and be the only person in the world he can truly count on no matter what. Her feelings for him are genuine and unselfish, and while she knows he'll probably never return them, it doesn't stop her from being a kind and devoted friend.

I honestly would've loved this anime had they made Ritsuka's love interest Yuiko. I mean, for starters they're the same age. =_= Also, Yuiko's a much more interesting character than Soubi. Before she met Ritsuka, Yuiko was an underconfident airhead who did whatever people told her to do and referred to herself in the third person. She approached Ritsuka on his first day at school because she was dared to by her classmates, but after talking to him, she sensed there was something about him that truly needed a friend. Ritsuka was very cold and harsh to her at first, but Yuiko took all the criticism he gave her to heart and was able to make a real change in herself. She ditched her supposed "friends" and learned to stand on her own two feet so that she could be a supporting friend to someone she felt truly needed it. Eventually Ritsuka warmed up to her and started actually strongly caring about her as a friend in return, and Yuiko fell absolutely in love with him. How much more interesting would it have been if they turned out to be a destined fighting duo? If Yuiko were in Soubi's position, she would have to be the one protecting Ritsuka, and I can pretty much guarantee she'd to a better job of it. She'd always be honest with him, and she'd put all her heart and soul into trying to keep Ritsuka safe. I'm sure it would weigh on her conscience whenever she failed, but Ritsuka's relationship with her suggests that he would be the one to encourage her, and Yuiko in turn would be the one thing in the world that Ritsuka could trust and hold onto for any form of support. It would be an adorable and emotional story that I could really get behind, even with all the other problems I have with the show. If only it were possible...

10. Morino Ryōshi and Ōkami Ryōko

Hey, Ryoshi? Can I ask you a question? Why are you the most adorable thing ever? Seriously, this guy has got to be the most pathetic love interest in all of existence. Everyone forgets who he is, he excels at pretty much nothing, his greatest fear is being looked at, and he's generally a screw up in all regards. But gosh darn it, he tries so hard, and his devotion to Ryoko is nothing to scoff at (even if she does so on numerous occasions.) No matter how much of a screw up he is, you really can't help but fall in love with him. He's willing to not only step out of his comfort zone, but literally leap over it and face his fears and insecurities head on if it enables him to protect the girl he loves, and by the end of the series he became truly bada**. He was the strangest choice for the hero of a story, but it worked out so perfectly because he goes at it with so much gusto coming from a truly genuine place. He's got a really big heart and a lot of determination, and for all that he does and all that he goes through to try and prove his love, I really wanted to see him get some kind of reward for it. In the end, though, all we got was Ryoko having a dream of him rescuing her and her finally not punching him when he says "No matter what happens, I'll always love you Ryoko!" *insert adorable smile here* Oh well, I'll just pretend there was more to the series than that and that Ryoshi finally got to be acknowledged as the Knight in Shining armor that he was deep...deep...very deep...down.

By the way, I'm currently watching the anime Toradora...I think Taiga and Ryuuji may end up somewhere on my list eventually, but this is where I'm at right now.
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kihara0907 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Duck/Ahiru Heart Heart Heart  Fakir
J-Cat Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
1,2 and 5 are my favorites
GreenwavesInactive Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
Yay~! Someone else who loves Duck and Fakir~! :clap: Those are great couples, aren't they? Well, obviously I think so, or they wouldn't be on here. XD
Panic-Techno Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my God, 4# and 1# are my OTP's!!
GreenwavesInactive Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Their relationships are just beautiful, aren't they?! I'm glad to meet someone else who appreciates them like I do. ;w;
Panic-Techno Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes they are ;3 I just love them, they're so adorable X)
T56Cheng Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
I also love Sakura x Syaoran so much, this couple is plain adorable and it's my OTP. 

But I actually like them as a couple more in the CCS, because I see more character development (especially in the anime) and the buildup relationship between the two (especially in the anime).

Sakura x Syaoran's well-paced and well-developed rivalry turned friendship turned love relationship of the CCS that intrigued me the most. I don't see any contrived moments in their relationship progress throughout the series.

In the CCS, Syaoran was jerky at the beginning. Then, after he spends more time with Sakura, he becomes nicer and falls in love for her eventually. Sakura herself is also openly friendly and kind to Syaoran in the CCS, even though Syaoran acted like jerk to her.

Sakura x Syaoran in the TRC is fine, but I just find it somewhat a bit less interesting than the ones in the CCS. 

Another pairing that I like in the CCS is Touya x Yukito. Even though I am not really a big fan of Yaoi, but this Yaoi pairing is exceptional. I really love the close bond between them, since the two of them were close friends at the beginning. I was especially awed with the moment when Touya sacrificed his powers in order to save Yukito.  

The CCS fanon (non-canon) I like is Eriol x Tomoyo. I just think that these two's personalities mesh quite well, and the both of them are very sophisticated. Eriol x Kaho is alright and it's canon, but Eriol x Tomoyo intrigued me the most. 

Lelouch x Shirley is alright, but Lelouch x C.C is way better to me. If you don't support Lelouch x C.C, it's okay and I still respect/tolerate your shipping choice. 
GreenwavesInactive Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Oh, wow! You must really love CCS. I actually haven't gotten very far in the anime. I read the manga first and have yet to finish the anime. I am really looking forward to it since I love Syaoran and Sakura so much. I do hope they get a better conclusion than in Tsubasa, though. I'd really like to actually see them get together, you know?

I actually don't like Lelouch x C.C. at all. I'm alright with it as a business relationship, but I think I'm the only person in the world who honestly doesn't like C.C. all that much. But likewise, I'll respect your ship. It's only fiction after all, so there's no reason I can't respect it. :)
T56Cheng Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Oh yes, I was growing up with CCS and I absolutely love it. I knew CCS for the first time when I was a 10 year girl, it was my cousin who introduced me this anime.
GreenwavesInactive Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
I wasn't so lucky. I grew up with Pokemon and that's it as far as anime goes. I didn't discover CCS until late high school thanks to a close friend of mine.
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